Friday Apr 25

What’s the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear the word GREASE?


On a regular day, the average person encounters grease both at home and at the workplace and looks for solutions to get rid of it.
With Formula 88, you can get rid of GREASE, once and for all!
Formula 88 has been a perfect blend of modern chemistry and expertise for over 30 years.
Wipe your worries away because Formula 88 puts an end to all your grimy problems.
Formula 88 is a multi-purpose degreaser used in

  • Households, to clean up grime and grease from tiles, stoves, grills, chimneys, ovens and even clothes
  • Garages, to wipe off oil residues and grease from automobiles, spare parts and others
  • Factories, to keep machines smooth and running
  • Offices, to clean and degrease floors, furniture and more

Wipe, Clean, and Degrease with Formula 88!
Degreaser and more

  • Formula 88 is bio-degradable, non-flammable, non-hazardous and non-corrosive and can even be used for degreasing kitchen utensils.
  • With its super impressive solvent abilities, Formula 88 takes care of everything leaving behind a clean look. 

Forget about expensive cleaning solutions and rely on the cost effective, environmentally friendly and ultimate degreaser- Formula 88.